Dining at the Venn Diagram

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September 4, 2012 by Meg G.

Welcome to our Small World Supper Club!

Meet Meg and Heather. We like to imagine our dining room table as the overlapping portion of a Venn diagram – where disparate, but equally awesome people, ingredients, talents, and conversations come together.

We are lovers of good food, great company, making connections, numbers, words, and being creative. We also believe that the world is much smaller than we like to think – and that we have more in common than we know. This little blog is our attempt to chronicle the ways that some of our favorite things converge.

We hope you’ll join us in our adventures!

What do you think?

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Sitting with words and images from @brianandreas this morning, noticing themes of knowing and not-knowing, and choosing joy...
"When you quit defending the stuff you think you know, there's a lot more room to simply be there fully with all the things you don't. (Which is pretty much all of it.)" .
"#1: say yes to things that bring you joy. #2 say no to things that don't. #3 if you're tempted to say maybe, say no." Serious fun: eating some delicious raspberry dark chocolate dairy-free ice cream on a homemade waffle cone from cookbook author and non-processed sweets specialist, @christine.chitnis at our favorite community kitchen shop, @stockpvd Excited to try some of Christine's treats in our own kitchen!


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