Cookie Chemistry, Part Two – the Debut!

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October 7, 2012 by Meg G.

Well, folks – the day is here! My little cookies are all grown up and making their debut at Caroline and Jonathan’s wedding!

As you know, I’ve been honing my cookie skills in preparation for this moment. So, I spent all day Thursday and Friday baking and decorating. After my first attempt at these adorable chemistry-inspired cookies, I made a few adjustments. First of all, since the wedding colors are autumnal, I decided to make mostly the leaves and acorns for the cookie table. They are small, which means that folks can try a baby-sized cookie from my platter as well as some other people’s cookies. They are also easier to decorate and – come on! – it’s fall!

Of course I couldn’t possibly leave out the chemistry cookies. They’re just too darn nerdy and adorable! So, I decided to make a few of those just for the bride and groom. Here’s a photo tour – enjoy!

Congratulations, Caroline & Jonathan!! : )

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