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October 23, 2012 by Meg G.

I’m going through cooking and blogging withdrawal. It’s a busy week and believe it or not, we haven’t cooked a thing since Friday night!

But, I did want to share a little something. Last week, this lovely birthday gift came in the mail from my friend Jessica.

I love so much about this print!

First – the process. Nikki’s craft is paper cutting, one of my favorite media and one that takes much patience and skill. I’m lucky enough to own some paper cuts made by Ingrid Lavoie and Joe Bagley. I’m new to Nikki’s work and this piece is obviously a poster version of a paper cut, but it is still beautiful. The poster is printed on recycled paper, with vegetable-based inks.

More importantly – the image and title. What a warm, hospitable, and lovely scene. And yet, it feels like a political statement. A command, rather than a suggestion. And it speaks so simply and profoundly to the way that Heather and I try to live – sharing our table, lives, food, conversation, and home with neighbors, friends, acquaintances, and family.

As recent transplants to a new city, there is much we miss about our former home, most especially, our community. We were constantly hosting new friends and old at our home for supper clubs or simple meals or for whatever excuse we could come up with.

Don’t worry – the cookie party is still happening.

We’re working on building that back up here. But we’re so grateful that now, through the magical world of the blogosphere, we are sharing our table with all of you lovelies! Thanks for being part of our new community. We hope that Small World Supper Club has inspired you to share your table, too!

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