Gratitude Cookies

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November 20, 2012 by Meg G.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

This year, we’ll be celebrating in New Jersey with the McCreights and the Griffiths – aka – the McGriffs. I always look forward to these family gatherings, which often include delicious food (like broccoli casserole and vegetarian stuffing), singing while doing the dishes, gingerbread house competitions, and lots of laughter.

McGriff Cousins

McGriff holiday gatherings always include a little treat at each place setting. It’s sort of a dessert doggie bag – you know – cause there aren’t enough sweets already! This year, I offered to bring individual bags of fall-inspired sugar cookies. Here’s a preview of the batch, which will making the trip with us via Amtrak.

I’m very excited about these little beauties, especially because I used my first batch of homemade vanilla extract in the cookie and royal icing recipes. Yum!

As I spent the afternoon inhaling the strong scent of sugar, I was filled with gratitude for the last few months – for this new creative outlet and a growing community in my own little corner of the blogosphere. Thanks for joining in the fun!

Here’s to a week of gratitude, family, Friendsgivings, and too much food!


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