Handmade Christmas Sneak Peak: Labels

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December 13, 2012 by Meg G.

Just a sneak preview of our gorgeous labels that arrived today!


These beauties were designed over at MOO, a really fun and easy to use website for designing your own labels, stickers, mini business cards, photo cards, etc. You’ll recognize our logo, designed by the ever-so-talented Alana Cherup. The font, in case you’re a font lover like me, is called “Hello, My Name Is” and I purchased it from Miss Tiina’s Fonts last year for some of our wedding paper goods. The labels are printed in the USA (yay!) on thick matte laminated vinyl, which means that they won’t be ruined by occasional drips of homemade vanilla extract, which is being bottled and labeled today!

Today’s projects also include some spicy candied nuts and round two of the liquid hand soap. I gave up on the first batch and will be giving it another go this afternoon. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on both of those in the coming days!


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Sitting with words and images from @brianandreas this morning, noticing themes of knowing and not-knowing, and choosing joy...
"When you quit defending the stuff you think you know, there's a lot more room to simply be there fully with all the things you don't. (Which is pretty much all of it.)" .
"#1: say yes to things that bring you joy. #2 say no to things that don't. #3 if you're tempted to say maybe, say no." Serious fun: eating some delicious raspberry dark chocolate dairy-free ice cream on a homemade waffle cone from cookbook author and non-processed sweets specialist, @christine.chitnis at our favorite community kitchen shop, @stockpvd Excited to try some of Christine's treats in our own kitchen!


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