Polenta: Take Three


September 7, 2012 by Meg G.

Sometimes things go terribly wrong in the kitchen. It is a fact of life. You win some, you lose some.

On Wednesday night, we made Mark Bittman’s polenta and roasted up some of those Farmer’s Market veggies to go on top. Win!




So, to switch it up a bit this evening, Heather suggested that we make some polenta waffles out of the leftovers. Brilliant! Except, we totally made it up as we went along and wound up with a splattering, sizzling, half-cooked, but somehow burnt mess. Fail!


It seems the problem was too much liquid (we added some milk to the original polenta to thin it out a bit). So, after Heather scraped all of the perfectly formed squares of burnt corn meal off of the waffle iron, I added some flour and tried again. Bingo!


We opted to complement the sage and rosemary waffles with some fresh peaches and apples and maple syrup. We sure do love us some breakfast for dinner.

So, “Polenta: Take Three” wound up being pretty decent. Heather isn’t convinced that it’s worth making again. But I think that a proper recipe, rather than our “add milk to your leftover polenta” approach might be quite good.

Pass the maple syrup!

3 thoughts on “Polenta: Take Three

  1. Jareen Imam says:

    I really need to make polenta, I love the idea of making waffles out of it!

  2. […] think something is going terribly awry. (We could have used some of that wisdom when we had our polenta “episode” a few weeks […]

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